Isle of Man TT races

Oh no, Martin, my friend i used to passenger for, has finally decided to fulfil his lifelong dream, to do the i.o.m. TT races on a formula 2 outfit, and wants me to passenger. eek. In the last 2 weeks since he told me i have produced a large quantity of building blocks, enough for a small housing development i’d say, to say i’m bricking it is putting it mildly! The last time i was on an outfit we went 8 foot in the air and taught me that south wales hospitals are a place to avoid as they seem to have a rather bad attitude towards bike racers. after 8 hours i discharged myself as i was getting very bored sat in a corridor not being seen.

Trouble is its not the sort of place to go sidecar racing unless you know and trust each other well, plus the fact that i don’t think he knows anyone else stupid enough to do it with him! Should be fun though!

Saltburn Hillclimb, fastest time of the day.

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