Yamaha 2002/3 R1 titanium oil cooler bolt

I love doing these, they are really trick and succulent! Take a bit of doing, a lot of different processses but the end result is worth it. The earlier R1 oil cooler bolts are different but come out just as well and from the outside look just about the same. The spiggotts are awkward to make having a thread on both ends, makes holding them a problem, but i manage ok!

Yamaha R1 titanium oil cooler bolt
Yamaha R1 titanium oil cooler bolts and oil line spiggotts

And then i made a pair of starter motor bolts. These really were a tough one to do, M5 x 85mm, carved from 8mm dia bar. Over that length the deflection is phenomenal needing lots of passes with the tool to get it down to size. The other nut and bolt are for the rear brake master cylinder, getting the dome on the bolt head needed a tool grinding to profile the end.

Yamaha R1 titanium starter motor bolts and brake fittings

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