Isle of Man TT races

Oh no, Martin, my friend i used to passenger for, has finally decided to fulfil his lifelong dream, to do the i.o.m. TT races on a formula 2 outfit, and wants me to passenger. eek. In the last 2 weeks since he told me i have produced a large quantity of building blocks, enough for a small housing development i’d […]

Titanium disc bolts

A friend of mine needed a set of disc bolts, footrest hangar bolts and a brake adjuster screw to replace the one he bent when he fell off. So i made him these and will now have to think of some way in which he can repay the favour, my chimney needs sweeping, i wonder if he’ll fit up it! […]

7075 alloy casing plug

Look at this little poppet, its a 3/8 Whit 7075 alloy casing plug for a Triumph. Beautiful to make but a bit fiddly. The thread is screw cut into an undercut so it will screw home fully and will have a doughty washer under it.

7075 alloy hard anodised Amal carb parts

Just as i suspected, Moss Metal Finishing have done a fantastic job on hard anodising the Amal jet holders and bottom nuts. Even though its clear anodising it does colour the parts, a rather nice sort of goldy, brassy, yellowy kind of colour thats hard to describe but easy on the eye! 7075 isn’t the easiest of alloys to anodise […]

M8x100 titanium bolts

I’ve been making some M8x100 titanium bolts and jig handles for the local anodising firm, Moss Metal Finishing. Anyone wanting anodising doing i can reccomend them, not because i make their fastners but because they are good! I’m picking up the carb jet holders when i deliver this little lot, they are there for hard anodising. The bolts were really […]

7075 alloy Amal carb parts

I had to do an emergency job which broke me off from the kicking post. Its 7075 alloy jet holders and bottom nut for Amal carbs. They are spectacularly complex little fellows but really nice to make, i’m developing a real passion for 7075, it just takes longer to clean down the machines afterwards as its more ‘bitty’ than titanium. […]

alloy kick post

At the martial arts class (Tang Soo Do, Bury centre) one of the very black belts kicked one of the kicking posts in half, so i’m mending it. the original was made from plastic drain pipe and extruded plastic, it was the extruded plastic piece that broke so i’m replacing it with thick wall alloy tube and a solid alloy […]

Yamaha titanium rear wheel spindle

Just finished a Yamaha rear wheel spindle in titanium, plus castle nut. Its a long ‘un, but because it is 20mm dia shaft the deflection wasn’t that bad, only a couple of thou after 3 or 4 ‘finishing’ cuts So then a couple of passes with some scientific know how (lean on the tool post!) and bingo! nice and parallel […]

Yamaha 2002/3 R1 titanium oil cooler bolt

I love doing these, they are really trick and succulent! Take a bit of doing, a lot of different processses but the end result is worth it. The earlier R1 oil cooler bolts are different but come out just as well and from the outside look just about the same. The spiggotts are awkward to make having a thread on […]