7075 alloy wheel nuts – Yamaha

Ridiculous! how can something so light be so strong? this morning i thought i’d test one to destruction, to put my mind at rest. i screwcut a piece of 20mm titanium bar 1.25mm pitch, made a nut to suit, put the bar in the vice and set about it with my heavy duty torque wrench, at 70 ftlb i had to tighten the vice, at 100 ftlb i couldn’t get the vice any tighter and it was still pulling the titanium bar through it! i gave up as my neck veins were threatening to give way beforte the threads did!

My conclusion – 7075 alloy is tough! tough enough for all wheel nuts, all i’ve got to do now is be brave enough to start making spindles from it.

front wheel nut
rear wheel nut

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