Triumph titanium engine mounting studs

I’m on with a load of fasteners for an early Triumph. It seems like a never ending load of nuts, for three days now i’ve been tapping and milling, still got a few to do then i can get on with the front wheel spindle thats part of the order. Nuts have to be about the most labour intensive object i make.

Titanium doesn’t come in hexagonal bar, so every nut is carved from solid round bar. Then titanium is horrible to tap, because of its grabbing properties and its propensity to overheat very quickly, unless the tap is as sharp as you like and running perfectly true to the hole it will snap, no arguments. But it can be done with time and patience and a good stock of taps! There are very few places that produce imperial fasteners in titanium (I guess because there isn’t the demand for them), in fact i only know of one other engineering company that does and they will only make them in sizeable batches. Thats the advantage of operating a manual machine workshop, it makes no difference to me what the thread is, it just requires a different setting on the lathe, i don’t charge a premium for imperial threads as i’d consider it unethical, it means i can provide a full service to all makes and years of bikes without discrimination against older or imperial machines.

titanium engine mounting studs and nuts

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