Titanium breather spiggott

small but devastating! Stuff like this is really fiddly but lovely to make, for some reason small titanium parts can look tricker than big lumps of the stuff in my eyes, but you can’t beat a right good pair of titanium spindles for tricksyness!

M9x1.25 titanium crank case bolts

Here’s a thread you don’t see every day, M9 x 1.25. They are crank case bolts, Japanese bike manufacturers seem to have a bit of a penchant for them. The other fastners are race specification, i.e drilled for lockwire and the heads recessed, very tricky operation on bolts this small, there’s not much room for manouvre. The washers and castle […]

Montessa lightweight and ultra lightweight swinging arm spindle

Now then here’s a thing, after my experiments at stripping the threads out of a 7075 alloy nut and failing miserably i’ve decided to test it on spindles. Obviously i’m not stupid enough to try them myself, so i have a willing crash test dummy who is going to fit them to his Montessa trials bike and try and break […]

Triumph titanium components

Done. here’s what 7 solid days of titanium looks like, doesn’t seem much does it?! 3 of those days were spent making the nuts, if only grade 5 titanium came in haxagonal bar it would save about 70% of the time. As it doesn’t they have to be carved from round bar, often each face of each nut has two […]

Yamaha titanium wheel spindles

Oh what fun! drilling titanium is not the easiest thing in the world, it overheats easily so you have to flood it with coolant, but to make life more interesting the swarf clogs the flukes stopping the coolant getting down the hole and compounding the overheating issue. So, without centre fed drills (which i can’t afford and anyway my machinery […]

Yamaha Titanium spindles

cracking on with them. they are turned to size . One of the properties of titanium is its flexibility, this does cause some difficulties when turning due to its ‘deflection’, thats when the bar bends away from the cutting tip as it travels its length, the effect is that the shaft will be fatter in the middle than at the […]

7075 alloy wheel nuts – Yamaha

Ridiculous! how can something so light be so strong? this morning i thought i’d test one to destruction, to put my mind at rest. i screwcut a piece of 20mm titanium bar 1.25mm pitch, made a nut to suit, put the bar in the vice and set about it with my heavy duty torque wrench, at 70 ftlb i had […]

1970’s Titanium Yamaha spindles and 7075 alloy nuts

I’ve been asked to produce two sets of titanium wheel spindles and 7075 alloy nuts for two prototype production machines based on mid ’70’s Yamaha. At present its in the building stage with the launch planned for during the summer, so until its made public i cannot reveal any more info, but when i can you’ll be the first to […]

Triumph titanium fastners

and here’s some more! small stuff like this takes an age to make. For anyone about to start on the lightening process the best value for money is in the big bits (the bike these are for have already had the big bits done). for example a wheel spindle may cost say

Triumph titanium engine mounting studs

I’m on with a load of fasteners for an early Triumph. It seems like a never ending load of nuts, for three days now i’ve been tapping and milling, still got a few to do then i can get on with the front wheel spindle thats part of the order. Nuts have to be about the most labour intensive object […]