304 A2 stainless steel cylinder head studs

I’m on with a batch of stainless 304 A2 cylinder head studs for a Scott, along with nuts and washers. I don’t enjoy turning stainless, its similar to titanium to machine but worse in nearly all respects! it overheats easier, cuts less consitently, doesn’t give as good a finish on softer grades and is generally hard work. but different and interesting.

I’ve lost quite a bit of time over the last few days, i’ve sold my Ducati which took some time to get ready, had a big problem with the coolant pump on the lathe which took a day to cure, and generally found it hard to get stuck in. I’ve sold a little milling machine as well which is being picked up today and i’ve got some stuff to get ready for the show this weekend. Hopefully once the show is over i can get back into my usual rythm and start turning out stuff in my normal timescale.

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