Honda Works NSR titanium wheel spindle

Cracking on with the replica works Honda NSR titanium front wheel spindle and swinging arm pin. Just got the under head hex to machine on the swinging arm pin and its finished bar polishing.

We didn’t have the hex size of the works front spindle, so I’ve made it to what seems right – 23mm A/F. Need to make the 7075 alloy nut next so i can screw cut the spindle thread to fit the nut just right. There’s a bit of fiddling about to do with the thread end as it’s going to be drilled across the end for an ‘R’ clip, as we don’t have an original to copy I’ll have to machine it by the good old ‘rack of the eye’ and some nifty use of a steel rule to try and get it all aligned. The original has a bolt in the end, so this is a major diversion from the standard road going spindle.

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