Honda Works NSR 250 titanium spindles

After feeding Barney this morning I started on a titanium front wheel spindle and swinging arm pin for a customers NS 250 Honda race bike, he’s having them as works replica’s (based on Kato’s 1997 bike) which look tons better than original in my eyes, and his!

Happily these are 20mm dia. on the shafts which means deflection is down to around 3 thou, so should only require around 8 finishing cuts to get the belly out of them.

We’ve agreed a very slight modification on the swinging arm pin, the head dia. on the original is 26.4mm but i’m making this from 25.4mm bar as to get 26.4 would need 30mm dia. bar, affecting the price adversly and losing .5mm each side from the head makes no difference to its function.

So far i’ve got the swinging arm shaft turned and i’ve tightened it up by 2 thou as the original was a bit baggy through the bearing and bush.

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