Honda Works NSR 250 titanium spindles

Phew! swinging arm drilled down its length, just about all from one end as the thread is 18×1.5 so needs a smaller hole. The joy of drilling titanium is that the swarf concertina’s up in the flutes, overheating the job and stopping coolant reaching the cutting end. So its a question of bore 1-1.5mm then withdraw the drill, flood the hole with coolant and back in again, patience my lad! 250mm later and i’ve done, and blow me it drilled concentric all the way!

Dropped a bit of a clanger though, i’d left enough bar to hold onto whilst milling a hexagon under the head, then instantly parted it off! what a dip stick! not to panic, just means i’ll attack it with a different set up to usual.

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