Hello from Mr. Titanium!

Welcome to my new site!

On this blog i’ll be letting you know about all the juicy, sexy titanium, alloy, steel, stainless steel and brass parts i’m making, as i make them. I’ll even post some photo’s! It’s never plain sailing with titanium, its takes time and patience to craft, happily i’ve got plenty of both. So there will be times when i have to inform you about disasters. Although my record for not scrapping parts whilst making them is incredibly good, there have been times when even I have run into problems peculiar to titanium and had to start again!

But thankfully that scenario is very rare (touch wood!). I take the time and care necessary to create beautiful, practical objects – wheel spindles, swinging arm pins, engine mounting bolts, all sizes and types of nuts and bolts (metric and imperial), studs, engine parts, spacers, head stems, bushes, washers, pins, bosses and brackets – with the added bonus that they work and work well!

I watched the BSB round from Brands on monday, some of the bikes are carrying my parts so i wanted to see how they got on, bit of a disaster for everyone wasn’t it!

Anyway here’s a picture of a rear wheel spindle for an R1 i made earlier, fitted and ready to go (when Gordon gets the rest of the bike back together again!), and a picture of Barney. You may wonder why i’ve posted a picture of my cat, well he’s the one who teaches me patience! he sleeps for 20 hours a day but the other 4 he spends incessantly shouting very loudly for food!