Stafford show

what a wash out! i was there on saturday and had a good day, although it was very busy i didn’t seem to talk to that many people. picked some parts up from a couple of long standing customers and handed over some parts to others, but generally had a quiet day. i didn’t even get out of the door […]

BSA Goldstar steering damper knobs

Managed to get 5 made on friday, no lunch and a late finish but I wanted to get as many done as possible as they were for the Goldie stand at Stafford show. I try to make each one different so they are individual to each bike, but as the basic dimensions are fixed i.e. height and diameter there is […]

Ducati titanium suspension linkage sleeves

These were tricky little fellows to get accurate, 40 x 12 x 10. ended up drilling them undersize and reaming them out then turning the od. Today i’m making some 6082 alloy steering damper knobs for BSA Rocket Goldstars ready for the show tomorrow. I’ve done a few of these now and i try to make each one slightly different […]

304 A2 stainless steel cylinder head studs

I’m on with a batch of stainless 304 A2 cylinder head studs for a Scott, along with nuts and washers. I don’t enjoy turning stainless, its similar to titanium to machine but worse in nearly all respects! it overheats easier, cuts less consitently, doesn’t give as good a finish on softer grades and is generally hard work. but different and […]

Flanged titanium bolts

lost a day yesterday due to trouble with the coolant pump. you can’t do much in titanium without it, and it packed in. took the opportunity to service the machines whilst i was fixing the pump. its all up and running again so i’m off to make 3 off M8 flanged head bolts with 10mm dia shanks. did manage to […]

Works NSR spindles…..

getting there now, nearly finished the bolts, just got to recess the heads and drill the lock wire holes, then do a bit of polishing and we’re done. In the post tomorrow to the customer. next job bolts for an electric motor – M8 x 70 skt caps. not sure what this motor is going to power, but whatever it […]

Last push on the NSR spindles, i hope!

Hope to have them finished today, a slight lunch, not too many pots of tea and a quiet phone and its possible. Should have the spindles done by lunch time, then 5 bolts to make, race spec, so they’ll have recessed heads drilled for lock wire. Always fun trying to drill a 1.5mm hole in titanium! at least the race […]