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My trading name is taken from the metal I use – titanium 6Al4V (ti64), also known as Aircraft Grade or grade 5.

I provide high performance products and technical support for road riders, competition and off road machines. I also produce components for allied industries eg anodising services and world rally cars, I’ve even made bed knobs before now, but not in titanium!

I raced bikes on a solo 250 Ducati and as a sidecar passenger (Vincent) over a period of 11 years (up until 2003) and for the past 16 years have been experimenting and developing titanium and alloy components for all branches of motorcycle sport and leisure. I am now offering that experience and expertise to the open market to support and aid like-minded riders get the best from their machines.

I take pride in going the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. All my products are hand crafted, I do not use CNC machines, but prefer to manufacture in the traditional way which gives me more feel for the component throughout its manufacture. I believe this contributes to my quality, and it certainly adds a good dollop of love to each part!

My advice for the use of titanium, or any other metal, is given freely, however it is in good faith and customers are advised to do their own research if there are safety implications.

Your safety is paramount to me (I know what its like to come off!) so I will not manufacture any part I do not think is safe for the application it is intended, however as I have no control over the use and care of my components once they have left the workshop I offer only a limited guarantee.

Guarantee and Disclaimer

Titanium is banned in certain applications in certain motorsports, it is the responsibility of the customer to check any standing regulations prior to order. Don’t come running to me if you get told to remove your titanium spindles by a scrutineer with a magnet!

All my products are high performance but are expected to last the lifetime of the machine, however being high performance means they are likely to be subjected to stresses and strains beyond what the original manufacturer expected, therefore there is no guarantee as to how long any of my parts will last.

I guarantee that my titanium products are made from certified and traceable Grade 5 titanium from reputable and established suppliers, I do not use chinese titanium.

I guarantee the tolerances to which the products are made.

I cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage however caused to persons, machinery or third party inanimate objects through the use of my components.