A month ago I drowned my phone in a river whilst bothering trout. Mobile phones and I just don’t get along very well, there is usually some drama going on that requires me to want to fling it off a cliff or pour acid all over it. Sometimes it isn’t the actual phone but the service provider or spare parts […]

Oh Oh

Douglas D Zaster called this morning and freaked my phase converter out completely, which has the knock on effect of freaking me out completely! Result being I can’t run the machines until its fixed, so for everyone who is waiting for jobs I’m really sorry but there will be a bit of a delay until I’ve worked out whats wrong […]

Titanium valve retainers and seats

Here are uggins of titanium valve retainers and seats I’ve made for a team who race Honda’s. I had stepped cutters ground to form the collet angle and step, its the only way I’ve found to cut the angle accurately and repeatedly.

Paypal payments/charges

Even though i always ask for payments made through Paypal to be sent as a ‘gift’ (as any charges come straight out of my wages), very few people do, so i often end up losing money. Some how that doesn’t feel fair when i’ve worked my bollocks off and charged as little as i can, its not fair on me […]

Titanium racing Honda 4 valve retaining caps

This is a set of titanium valve retainers for a Honda 4 that goes racing. These are the caps that stop the valve from dropping into the engine so they are pretty critical. I get cutters ground up to the exact collet angle to be sure they seat well. One of the disadvantages of titanium that becomes an advantage in […]

Titanium R1 gearbox sprocket nut

This is a titanium gearbox sprocket nut for an R1 I’ve knocked up, I think its the same on the GSXR. I tend to make them with the washer integral to the nut, so as a flanged nut, it makes for a tastier nut i feel.