Triumph titanium fastners

and here’s some more! small stuff like this takes an age to make. For anyone about to start on the lightening process the best value for money is in the big bits (the bike these are for have already had the big bits done). for example a wheel spindle may cost say

Triumph titanium engine mounting studs

I’m on with a load of fasteners for an early Triumph. It seems like a never ending load of nuts, for three days now i’ve been tapping and milling, still got a few to do then i can get on with the front wheel spindle thats part of the order. Nuts have to be about the most labour intensive object […]

titanium UNF nuts

It may be a bank holiday but i’ve made 2 off 7/16 UNF flanded nuts, 4 off 3/8 UNF flanged nuts and a couple of washers 1″ x 3/8 x 1/8. I think there’s a 1/2″ UNF bolt to be made as well but i need to check with the customer. You can’t buy imperial fasteners in titanium over the […]

Titanium torque arm bolts and special nuts

Here they are, nice to make, fairly straight forward though getting the lockwire holes in the flats of the bolt heads is a bit tricky. Drilling them is no problem as i use a centre drill that has strength in it, the trouble is clearance for the drill chuck, it runs perilously close to the flange and jaws of the […]

Titanium M8x65 tapered socket cap bolts

Here they are, all done and dusted. I broach the hexagon in the end on the fly press, but you need really good broaches, the ones i use come from Italy, they aren’t cheap but they work well and can be resharpened when they chip, as they do in the end. Next up some M10 studs 220mm long and then […]

Nuts, bolts and washers

I’ve been making 10 huge titanium castle nuts this week, 48mm flange, 36mm A/F (spanner size). not particularly hard to do, just very labour intensive and time consuming. The flats needed 3 passes on each face and the slot for the split pin needed 4 (3 slots on each nut), and you can’t hurry titanium! 3 days it took to […]

Stafford show

what a wash out! i was there on saturday and had a good day, although it was very busy i didn’t seem to talk to that many people. picked some parts up from a couple of long standing customers and handed over some parts to others, but generally had a quiet day. i didn’t even get out of the door […]

BSA Goldstar steering damper knobs

Managed to get 5 made on friday, no lunch and a late finish but I wanted to get as many done as possible as they were for the Goldie stand at Stafford show. I try to make each one different so they are individual to each bike, but as the basic dimensions are fixed i.e. height and diameter there is […]

Ducati titanium suspension linkage sleeves

These were tricky little fellows to get accurate, 40 x 12 x 10. ended up drilling them undersize and reaming them out then turning the od. Today i’m making some 6082 alloy steering damper knobs for BSA Rocket Goldstars ready for the show tomorrow. I’ve done a few of these now and i try to make each one slightly different […]