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Oh Oh

Posted by on Jul 8, 2019 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Douglas D Zaster called this morning and freaked my phase converter out completely, which has the knock on effect of freaking me out completely! Result being I can’t run the machines until its fixed, so for everyone who is waiting for jobs I’m really sorry but there will be a bit of a delay until I’ve worked out whats wrong and fixed it.

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Titanium valve retainers and seats

Posted by on Mar 3, 2019 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Here are uggins of titanium valve retainers and seats I’ve made for a team who race Honda’s. I had stepped cutters ground to form the collet angle and step, its the only way I’ve found to cut the angle accurately and repeatedly. Honda valve retainers, stepped collet hole Honda valve retainers Titanium valve seats, spring keep Titanium valve...

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Paypal payments/charges

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Even though i always ask for payments made through Paypal to be sent as a ‘gift’ (as any charges come straight out of my wages), very few people do, so i often end up losing money. Some how that doesn’t feel fair when i’ve worked my bollocks off and charged as little as i can, its not fair on me and not good business sense (of which as we all know i have very little to start with!) So from this very second on anyone paying via paypal will have a 5% surcharge added to their invoice, then nobody need worry about ‘gifts’ or ‘friends and family’ and we’re all...

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Titanium Yamaha R1 oil cooler bolt

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This is a titanium oil cooler bolt I made for a Yamaha R1. They are really quite spectacular all sexied up and glinting in titanium, as well as being shed loads lighter, win win!

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Montessa titanium suspension and engine bolts and a brace of swinging arm axles

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That marvellous man Mark at H&D Racing needed some more titanium goodies for his Montessa/Honda customers, some engine mounting bolts, suspensions bolts and a couple of swinging arm axles. I waiste the engine mounting bolts to make them lighter, the originals are solid lumps of pig iron from what i can gather, so we sexy them up!

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