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KTM BST titanium sprocket nuts

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KTM BST sprocket nuts aren’t like your normal sprocket nuts, oh no, these have to be like top hats made lozenge shape! i don’t have the tackle to copy the profile like the originals, so i had to knock the corners off to achieve something like the right shape to fit in the recess in the sprocket. These are titanium of course.

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Suzuki GSXR titanium axle and suspension set

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Here’s an axle and suspension bolts set for a Suzuki GSXR. I’ve done 2 types of head on the rear axle for exactly the same bike as some folk change the rear wheel adjusters for something swanky that requires a different head, or maybe i’m wrong and it was different models that have different heads. Doesn’t make any difference to me, i make what the individual bike needs.                  

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