Posts made in August, 2017

Titanium acoustic shafts and nuts

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You remember how i used to make titanium acoustic isolation shafts and other bits for very very high end audio equipment? well here’s some more of a new design, these are to support cabinets that contain super expensive hi-fi, hope they don’t break!  

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Titanium posts for Moss Metal Finishing

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Here are some titanium posts for Moss Metal Finishing in Hipperholme, they are used to hold the alloy components onto racking so they can be lowered into the gunk that anodises them. These are M6 and M10 made from grade 5 titanium which isn’t supposed to work very well in this application, the alloy content is supposed to leach out during the anodising process causing them to shrink and not be grade 5 anymore. But they don’t break like grade 1 (which is the grade that is supposed to be used but is no stronger than mild steel), neither do they seem to shrink or change characteristics, erm…..  ...

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Titanium M6 socket cap bolts

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Here are 4 wee M6 titanium socket cap bolts, i’m not scottish i just like describing things as ‘wee’. Quite tricky to do being fully threaded as there is nothing to hold on to when turning and broaching the head other than the thread, which is not good practice but sometimes you have to do it.

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Grade 2 titanium exhaust fittings, uggins of ’em.

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I’ve just finished going loudly mad making these grade 2 titanium exhaust fittings for two stroke trials bikes. Although my camera has made them look gold they are in fact silver in colour. Its the first time i’ve machined grade 2 titanium in earnest, and i can honestly say i never want to machine any more! man its horrible, who’d have thought that by chucking a bit of vanadium and aluminium into the mix it would turn it into a hard yet lovely metal to work with whereas grade 2 is just nasty.

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