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invoices, eyeballs and blacklists

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As we all know i had a really good go at blinding myself last xmas, i may still have yet, its going to be another year and at least 2 more operations before i find out if i’ll have any reasonable sight in it. And as we all also know it has slowed my production down dramatically, therefore it has greatly reduced the amount i earn because i won’t put my prices up just because it takes me longer. So i am earning less, working harder and in discomfort, yet all of a sudden some customers have become reluctant to settle their invoices. I have always sent out invoices as i start work so people can be paying whilst i’m working, that seemed fair, but now i have a bench covered in parts that i’ve made and not been paid for, both completed and partially completed jobs. Thats simply not fair. From now on i will not start any job until it is paid for in full, anyone who does not settle an invoice within 7 days whether i’ve started the job or not will be blacklisted, meaning i will not do work for them again....

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Yamaha R1 titanium gearbox sprocket

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This is a titanium gearbox sprocket for a late model Yamaha R1. I’m not sure when they changed the size and style of the nut, it must have been around 2008 or 9, but i will gladly stand corrected. The big difference is the thread pitch, the older ones are 22×1.5, the later one is 22×1. The original nut doesn’t look like this!  

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