Posts made in April, 2016

Eyeball update

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Last week I had what I hope will be the last operation on my eye. They’ve taken out the old plastic lens so I’m now lensless! I shouldn’t be away from the machines for long (don’t tell my doctor but I’m just going to nip into the workshop and finish a job I didn’t quite get done last week), but its not the sort of thing you can rush. So far this year work has been very difficult to manage and keep going for various physical reasons, but now the old eye has reached a conclusion I can look forward to mending and getting back on track with the jobs that are still waiting to be done as well as manage the new work coming in. It will be really nice only to have my dog impact on the amount of time I have on the machines rather than it be limited by physical injury and side effects of...

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Titanium Montessa axles and bolts, again, some more…..

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I’ve done some more titanium axles and  suspension, engine mounting and kickstarter bolts for Montessa’s again for Mark at H&D Racing in York. There is a new front end out which requires a shorter front wheel spindle, its just the same as the older version only a bit shorter, there’s one of each here.

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Titanium Gilles type chain adjuster bolts

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Here’s a couple of sets bolts for Gilles chain adjusters. I’ve got a sample now so i can repeat them if anyone else needs any, tricky though they are to produce.

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