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Honda 250/6 titanium and 7075 alloy parts

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Here’s a batch of titanium and 7075 alloy parts for a Honda 250/6. Yummy.

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Ducati 999R titanium brake clevis and suspension bolt

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This little titanium brake clevis for a Ducati 999R is a bit out of my comfort zone as i don’t have the tackle to make it, simple though it is. Its not the machining thats the problem but setting up, i can only set up the milling machine by “t’t rack o t’ eye” (by eye) and as my eyes are buggered its a chancey thing to do, but this time i seem to have got it visually acceptable (to my buggered eyes), the tollerences are spot on of course. The titanium suspension bolt is a titanium suspension bolt, the original sample had a shank diameter of 9.85mm which you would think would make it feel like riding Mr. Blobby, clearly it didn’t, but i tightened up the tollerence to 9.95mm anyway just for good...

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Titanium suspension bolts and sleeves

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This is a set of titanium suspension bolts and sleeves for i don’t know what. Its a bike but i’m not sure what flavour. The sleeves run in needle roller bearings so the tollerence and precision had to be exact, and they are! The bolts have 15mm dia shanks with 12mm threads and the sleeves are 22mm od.

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Website registration

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I’ve mentioned it before and i’ll keep mentioning it so as not to delete a genuine user! – I get bombarded by those charming spammer types who want to hijack my website to sell shite, nick information or generally cause havoc because they have tiny minds, no life and no idea what it is to work for a living. Its impossible for me to accurately detect who is scum and who is a normal and real person, so if in doubt i delete their registration. If you find your registration has been deleted please contact me so i know who you are and can approve your registration....

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Kawasaki ZX12 titanium front wheel axle and 7075 alloy sleeve

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A customer has modified his Kawasaki ZX12 with different front forks (Ohlins) so needed a new front axle to make it all happen, and this is it. The spindle itself is titanium with the sleeve being 7075 alloy, Surteck 650 coated.

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