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Titanium car bolts

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Here’s a bunch of titanium bolts for a car, they are M10, M12 and M14. I don’t know what car they are for, or for that matter what they stop from falling off, but i know its a rather special car!

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Attention – comments on my blogs – registration needed by you!

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When the new website was built we added an extra level of security which requires you to register to leave a comment. This is to stop quadzillions of scummy spammers from clogging up the wheels with shite, and potentially dangerous shite at that. So please do not be put off by the registration system, i do value your comments, it doesn’t take long to register and then you can comment away to your hearts content! I have to approve all comments before posting, but unless they are unfit for publication i will post them even if they aren’t completely positive. I run an honest and open business so i will not hide negative as well as positive comments. All i need now is some comments! cheers...

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Suzuki GSXR engine titanium gearbox sprocket nut and oil line spiggot

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This is a titanium gearbox sprocket nut and oil line spiggot for a Suzuki GSXR engine thats fitted to a hillclimb car, apparently the whole car weighs less than the donor bike! I’d like to see it, even i might get some useful tips for lightening!

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Attention! Website contact form – has been dumping into spam!

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I’ve just found out that any messages sent me through my website have been dumped into the spam folder. And i’ve been emptying it without looking at whats in there. So i’m afraid that anyone who has tried to contact me via the website won’t have had a reply, and that makes me feel very rude! If you have tried to contact me please do so again, either through the website (its fixed now) or direct, and my profuse apologies.

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2 brace of BSA Rocket Gold Star alloy steering damper knobs

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These are some more 6082 alloy steering damper knobs for BSA Gold Stars. Each one i do i try and make a little bit different so they are all unique to the bike they are on, and give customers a choice for which suits their taste and style.

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