Posts made in May, 2015

Yamaha XS750 7075 alloy steering stem

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This is a 7075 alloy steering head stem for a Yamaha XS750, my customer is fitting a ZX1000RX front end on the XS so it needs a new stem fitting to the ZX yokes, and this is it. Its been coated with Surtek 650 for corrosion protection and I took the photo’s when it was fresh out of the freezer ready to fit, hence the artful dusting of ice! the yoke was baking in the oven at this point.  

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Lotus titanium bolts

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Here’s a couple more titanium bolts for a Lotus. I went fishing with my brother yesterday, its 40 years since i last cast a fly, i didn’t disgrace myself, the fish did though, we didn’t catch anything.

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Yamaha R6 gold anodised wheel and swinging arm axle set

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I made this titanium axle set for a Yamaha R6, had them gold anodised and fell in love with them! Normally I don’t like coloured titanium, i prefer its natural beauty which it has in abundance. But this set really does look good in gold.    

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Yamaha R1 titanium QD rear wheel spindle

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This is a QD titanium rear axle for a Yamaha R1. Its a whopper.  

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Kawasaki ZX7RR titanium and 7075 alloy parts

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Here’s a few bits i’ve made for a Kawasaki ZX7RR. They are a 7075 alloy wheel bearing spacer and blue anodised engine plug and titanium sprocket drive pins for a Marchesini wheel.  

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