Posts made in November, 2014

Suzuki GSXR1000 K6 titanium axle set

Posted by on Nov 29, 2014 in News | 2 comments

Here’s a titanium wheel and swinging arm spindle set i’ve just made for a Suzuki GSXR1000 K6. They are BIG! Hard work to make but i’m really pleased with the way they’ve turned out.

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Titanium power boat spacers

Posted by on Nov 23, 2014 in News | 0 comments

These are titanium spacers to space out the power head on a racing speedboat. I made the bolts for it a few weeks ago which seem to work very well but the additional strength in them means the existing alloy spacers crush (rather than the bolts break), so we’re trying titanium ones.

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Triumph T140 cafe racer titanium spindles

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 in News | 0 comments

These are titanium rear wheel and swinging arm axles for a Triumph T140 engined cafe racer. Long they are too!

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Erics BSA Rocket Gold Star steering damper knob

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Recently I made an alloy steering damper knob and titanium rod for a BSA RGS. Last night the customers son emailed me with a photo of it fitted, it looked so good I thought i’d put it on my blog.

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Titanium engine mounting studs

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Here’s a set of titanium engine mounting studs for an erm…… those car parts scrambled my brain and i can’t remember anything any more! Thankfully I can still remember that perfection is my goal. The M12 stud is on a 1/2″ shaft making it much quicker and easier to produce as 1/2″ is stock bar size so there was no turning involved. I put a screwdriver slot across the top of 3 of them to make fitting and removing them easier.

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