Posts made in September, 2014

Honda TLR 250 7075 alloy wheel spindles and fittings

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These are the front and rear wheel spindles for a Honda TLR 250, along with some suspension bushes and clutch line fittings. The front axle is only 12mm diameter so its too skinny to drill, the rear is 15mm dia so i popped a 1/4″ hole through it. The clutch fittings are to suit Hope bicycle hydraulic brake lines, these weigh next to nothing and with a simple fitting are a major advance on OEM. I made 2 in 7075 alloy and 2 in titanium. The suspension bushes are to modify an aftermarket suspension unit for use on Montessa’s.  

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Titanium acoustic feet parts

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These are titanium parts to be fitted to Lignum Vitae feet for Hi Fi systems and speaker stacks. They are top end commodities and quite exquisite when finished, but i don’t have a picture of one! The spikes are glued into a wooden foot and sit in washers fixed to the plain side of the ‘pucks’, the pucks are what sit on the floor or shelf. Two feet make up the arrangement, top and bottom, they are joined by the titanium shaft. I can’t say too much about them as they have heavily protected design rights…..

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6082 alloy BMW oil filler and drain fittings

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These are oil filler and drain fittings made from 6082 alloy, for a BMW racing outfit. The tubes will be welded onto the alloy oil tank, hence 6082 rather than my normal 7075 alloy as it has better weldability. The filler sit smack bang squarely in front of the back wheel, so i’ve drilled some lockwire holes in the cap for safety’s sake, we don’t want that coming off half way down Craner Curves! And i put some in the drain cap as well, just to be sure it doesn’t drain half way round Goddards!

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Gold anodised Yamaha R1 titanium rear wheel axle, suspension bolts and sprocket nut

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This is a new venture for me, getting some titanium parts anodised. I’ve had parts nitride coated for wear resistance in the past but never cosmetic anodising. These are titanium rear axle, suspension bolts and gearbox sprocket nut for a Yamaha R1.

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Kawasaki ZX7RR titanium suspension bolts

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And to finish off the titanium parts i’ve made for a Kawasaki ZX7RR here are a set of titanium suspension bolts. Normally i like to have the sleeves that the bolts pass through to hand when i make suspension bolts so that i can get the shanks a nice sliding fit with no play, but these are going to America so it was impractical to send them over, instead my customer accurately measured the bore of the sleeves and i’ve made them to fit the dims given, fingers crossed. Mind you i did once make a set for a different bike with a nice sliding fit that required a shank diameter 0.1mm over nominal size, they fitted the sleeves beautifully but wouldn’t go through the holes in the frame! as standard the bike was constructed with play and slop in the suspension train! I do hope these work well as my customer is going to be living off noodles for a month to pay for...

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