Posts made in August, 2014

Titanium 1/2″ UNF engine and swinging arm studs

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Here’s a couple of 1/2″ UNF titanium studs i’ve just made, one is for a swinging arm and the other is an engine mounting stud. Happily the swinging arm stud passes through sleeves which were bored on the generous side so the stock bar fitted after a polish with emery without he need to skim it to size, which over that length would have been impossible using stock 1/2″ bar, i’d have had to turn it down from 16mm bar.

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Montessa titanium axle set

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Here’s another set of Montessa titanium wheel and swinging arm spindles for H&D Racing in York. I’ve done a fair few sets in both titanium and 7075 alloy now, the trials lads like the edge lightweight spindles give. The front axle screws straight into the fork leg so there is no nut for it.  

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Ducati 7075 alloy engine plugs

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Here’s a couple of 7075 aloy engine plugs for a Ducati. One is M10x1.5 pitch the other is 1.25.

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Titanium BST sprocket drive pins

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Here’s another 2 sets of titanium sprocket drive pins for BST wheels, they’re off to HPS as they’ve sold out again

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BSA Goldstar steering damper knobs, 6082 alloy.

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These are the remainder of the batch of 6082 alloy steering damper knobs i’ve just made for BSA Goldstars. I make each one slightly differently so they are all unique, thats the beauty of making stuff by hand, you can make it look hand made! Everyones bike is unique to them, so i like to keep it that way, i see no point in making stuff by hand only for it to look mass produced.

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