M5 titanium brake pin

Here’s a little deeny, a titanium M5 brake pin. This one had to have the head drilled for lockwire as its about to do the Isle of Man, and despite the tremendous qualities of modern day locktite they do like a bit of lockwire on the Island.

Titanium M14 bolts and 7075 alloy link bars

Here’s some more car parts i’ve made. They are to help it go round corners or soak up the bumps, not entirely sure. The titanium bolts are M14x2 x 90 long. The 7075 alloy bars have M16x2 RH tapping in one end and LH tapping in the other, with 2 flats at 19mm A/F so get a spanner on.

Ducati titanium engine mounting bolts

These are titanium engine mounting bolts and 7075 alloy sleeve nuts for a Ducati. Nice to make but a bit fiddly getting the deflection out of the shafts, but they are M12 so they were much easier than if they had been M10.

Ducati seat height adjuster 7075 alloy nuts

Here’s a couple of M12x1.75 7075 alloy nuts i’ve just made for a Ducati. They are the ride height adjuster nuts, drilled for lockwire. When packed ready for posting the packet weighed just 15g, but for some reason i had it my head that the customer was in the USA so the postage cost was going to be very high, […]

Honda Fireblade titanium axle set and 7075 alloy frame inserts

I’ve been working on this set of titanium spindles for a Fireblade for the last couple of weeks, along with 7075 alloy engine mounting and swinging arm adjuster frame inserts, with the sidestand bolt thrown in for good measure. These big axles are hard work, turning them to size is great as they don’t suffer as badly from deflection, even […]