Posts made in April, 2014

Honda 500 titanium sprocket drive pins

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These are sprocket drive pins for a Honda 500. I’ve also supplied some Probolt items to go with them. I thought they would be nice and quick to make, i’ve made them before and don’t remember them taking very long, but for some reason they seemed to take ages! maybe it was because it was monday morning.

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Titanium jig bolts for the anodiser

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Along with the titanium posts for Moss Metal Finishing i’ve also made some special jig bolts. These are M6x57mm, tricky to get the thread consistent over that length,

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Titanium fasteners for the anodiser

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This is a batch of fasteners i’ve done for Moss Metal Finishing, my local anodiser. I make their fasteners now after the previous ones they bought used to break too readily. But here’s the thing, the other ones were made from grade 2 titanium which only has the strength of mild steel but is suitable for languishing in anodising solutions and temperatures, mine are made from grade 5 which has 3 times the strength but theoretically shouldn’t like the solutions and process due to its aluminium content, but they do work and they don’t break, yay!

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Titanium 1/2″ UNF stud with 7075 alloy nuts

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Here’s a titanium 1/2″ UNF stud with 7075 alloy flanged nuts, 298mm long. Its an engine mounting stud for a Triumph i think, he did tell me but i forget! 1/2″ is stock bar size happily, so there was no turning down apart from a skim at the ends for thread diameter.

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Hyabusa titanium and 7075 alloy fasteners

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Here are the nuts and bolts to go with the titanium Hyabusa spindles I made. What could be 7075 alloy is and what needed the added strength is titanium.

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