Posts made in March, 2014

Kawasaki M12x1.25 7075 alloy engine mounting bolt nuts

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Just a couple of 7075 alloy nuts i’ve made for a Kawasaki. I made the engine mounting bolts and supplied some M12 nyloc nuts but there was a fault with the nuts and the nylon ring pushed out when he screwed them on, so i’ve made these as replacements. I cannot put any locking mechanism in nuts so my customer will use loctite.

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1927 Scott Flying Squirrel 7075 alloy steering head nut

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This isn’t the oldest bike i’ve done work for, that prize goes to a 1914 Norton! But for some reason i always get an extra twinge of enjoyment when making bits for really old machines. This is the steering head stem nut made from 7075 alloy, its going to California where hopefully it will enjoy better weather than in its birth place.

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Triumph TR65 7075 alloy pushrod tubes

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Heres another two bikes worth of 7075 alloy pushrod tubes for Triumph TR65’s. I was told by my customer that there were only about 400 of them made, so just 397 sets to go! We worked like mad to get the fitted length right, he brought a barrel and head over and some different ‘o’ rings so we could get it just right. So we spent ages getting the length to within a couple of thou, then we checked the length of half a dozen OEM ones he brought, there was over 1.5mm difference between them! no wonder they leaked.

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Ducati titanium fasteners

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I’ve just finished working on some titanium fasteners for a Ducati, fiddly work it was too. The M6 studs were tricky as there is very little plain shank in the middle to hold onto whilst cutting the second thread, but I managed. I after i’d screw cut the thread i ran a die down to claim the last couple of threads before the shank.

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Titanium drive pins and bearing spacers

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These titanium sprocket drive pins and bearing spacer/sleeves are for a special, so special i have no idea what it is! All i know is they are going to a frame builder who is building a special for a customer. I don’t think its a secret, i just didn’t think to ask! I had all the information i needed on the drawings. But they have incredibly tight tollerences, the shoulder on the drive pins had to be 9.3mm wide + or – 0.001mm.

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