Posts made in February, 2014

Triumph triple 7075 alloy fastners

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Just finished some 7075 alloy parts for Triumph triples. Apart from the swinging arm end caps all the rest are engine internals. There’s a plethora of nuts as there will be a load more studs next week, i’m just waiting for the bar to arrive so i can make them. The stator towers took some concentration as they all need to be exactly the same length to ensure accurate alignment with the rotor.

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Yamaha R1 titanium exhaust studs with 7075 alloy nuts

Posted by on Feb 25, 2014 in News | 0 comments

I’ve made a set of titanium exhaust studs for a Yamaha R1 and 7075 alloy nuts to go with them. The studs are M8 thread into the head but M7 to take the nuts. The nuts are Surteck 650 coated for corrosion protection. The studs weren’t the easiest things in the world to make, there is very little plain shank between the two threads so very little to hold onto once one thread was cut. But we managed.

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Honda 500/4 and 350 twin titanium parts

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I’ve been working on some titanium parts for 500/4 and 350 twin racing Hondas. They are the sprocket drive pins, engine mounting studs, chain adjuster studs, front fork spindle cup studs and rear brake cams. The cams were fun to make, if a little taxing! I’ve also made some tappet adjuster nuts in 7075 alloy.

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Ducati Monster titanium rear wheel axle and swinging arm spindle

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Here’s a titanium rear wheel axle with nuts and swinging arm spindle for a Ducati Monster that i’ve just cooked up. The swinging arm pin is a tough one as its so critical on diameter. It runs through needle roller bearings so the accuracy has to be spot on, 0.005mm clearance.

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1/2″-M12 titanium Matchless engine mounting studs

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These engine mounting studs are 380mm long. Happily the engine plates and castings are bored 1/2″ so I left the shaft full diameter and turned M12x1.25 threads on the end to match Probolt flanged nyloc nuts. It would have been incredibly difficult to turn it down to 12mm over that distance leaving a good and accurate finish.

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