7075 alloy gear rod and toe pegs

Oddly enough i had two different orders for toe pegs. In all the years i’ve been doing this i’ve never made a toe peg and then two sets come at once! These also were taken before they were clear anodised. the reason they are anodised and not Surteck 650 coated is for wear, the Surteck coating would wear off where […]

7075 alloy toe pegs

Its fixed! So i’ll put photo’s up over the next several days till i’ve caught up. These are 7075 alloy toe pegs i made at the beginning of the month, the photo’s were taken before they went for clear anodising.

trouble at t’blogmill!

I’ve got a problem with the blog at the moment, the server won’t let me upload photo’s. Its being worked on so hopefully it won’t be long before i can shove a shed load of photo’s up! I’ve got a lot as i’ve produced a lot of parts since the new year when the server went down, so brace thessens!