Posts made in December, 2013

Yamaha R1 titanium swinging arm spindle

Posted by on Dec 19, 2013 in News | 0 comments

This is a Yamaha R1 swinging arm spindle with nuts and washers I made. The shaft was a bit of a challenge, but i’m pleased with the way its come out. The main trickiness of it was getting the fat thread right, without the frame to try it in i had to cut the thread to match the OEM nut, so i expect it will be a bit slack in the frame, which is better as it will allow alignment.

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Yamaha R1 titanium generator and crash bobbin bolts

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I’m on with some Yamaha R1 titanium bits now, here’s

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Honda SP2 titanium wheel axles and suspension bolt

Posted by on Dec 12, 2013 in News | 2 comments

These are for another customer, its that SP time of year! The rear titanium wheel spindle is a monster, its 350mm long and bored 19mm. But it has to be all drilled from one end as the thread for the nut is 22mm so its a 14mm hole through there. My previous post about wearing a hard hat when boring some holes they’re so deep is the rear wheel spindle in manufacture.

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Honda SP1/2 titanium head stem nut – modification

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My customer has an Ohlins steering damper for an SP2 and wants to fit it to his new billet triple clamp yokes on his SP1 but the stem diameters are different. So i’ve made a shouldered nut to take it. Also the original anchor for the bracket wouldn’t work so i had to drill and pin the bracket to stop it turning under load.

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Sometimes i have to bore a hole………

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so deep, under the Health and Safety at Work Act – Working from Heights, i ought to wear a hard hat! This is an SP2 rear axle, bored 19mm x 330mm deep all from one end. I need lunch.

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