Honda SP2 titanium paddock stand bobbins

Here’s the next installment of photo’s of the titanium SP2 stuff i’ve been making. These are paddock stand bobbins, they bolt onto the swinging arm for a paddock stand to locate onto to lift the back of the bike. Unfortunately i ran short of time on them so couldn’t give them the full treatment of holes i had intended so […]

SP2 and TDR 7075 alloy head stems

Well i’ve finally finished the Honda SP2 and Yamaha TDR 7075 alloy head stems and a load of titanium parts. There’s quite a lot so i’ll put pics up over the next few days, there’s too much for one blog. Here are the stems finished and just before they went off for Surteck 65 coating.   You may remember from […]

SP2 and TDR 7075 alloy steering head stems

This is a challenge, a customer wants a 7075 stem for his very very nice SP2 all fitted and ready to install. He sent his OEM yokes and stem so i had to get the old one out to copy. He also wants a set of CRF yokes fitting to his TDR which means a radical new stem. Again i […]