Posts made in September, 2013

Sanders and Lewis Suzuki GT750 titanium and alloy spindle and engine mounting set

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I’ve been busy! Making a titanium wheel axle and engine mounting set for a Sanders and Lewis Suzuki GT750. What can be 7075 alloy is and what can’t be is titanium. The OEM rear axle had a massive integral head and weighed a ton, so i made the replacement as a straight shaft with 7075 alloy nuts for each end, same for the front spindle. The OEM rear spindle complete with spacers and nut weighs 1247g, my titanium replacement weighs in at 410g complete, front spindle OEM is 624g, mine is 238, the shorter engine mounting bolt and spacer is 217g, mine is 89g, and the longest is 325g with mine at 147g. Suzuki GT750 titanium axle and engine mount set The original spacer had a tin plate dust shield welded onto it, so with these i made them from solid with the dust shield...

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Titanium boat bits

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I’ve not done much for boats, why i don’t know as titanium has better corrosion resistance than 316 stainless and whether its on water or land the same rules of power to weight ratio apply! maybe a bit different as its a different medium, but whats true is that a heavy boat takes more energy to get it moving than a light one. Anyway i’m not really in the boat business, but i’m happy to make bits for them. These little bits are for a racing boat, don’t ask me what they do, i haven’t a clue. But they were very hard and time consuming to make, biggest problem was skimming 5mm thick plate down to 2.5mm and then 2mm at the end. The profiling was done by hand with file, i now look like popeye after sucking up a tin of spinach through a pipe! The thread in the little fork thing is M3,...

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Titanium and alloy bits

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I’ve made a pair of carb bellmouth bungs and a bearing spacer in 6082 alloy and 3 brake fork pins in titanium for a Honda. The brake pins are fiddly little fellows, getting the 1.5mm hole so close to the end is tricky when relying on ‘rack of the eye’. but my eye rack held out ok for these!

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Harris Magnum titanium spindles and engine mounting bolts

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I’ve just finished a set of titanium wheel spindles, swinging arm pin and engine mounting bolts and studs for a Harris Magnum. All went well and i discovered something! You may have read in an earlier post that i struggled to bore a spindle with a 10mm hole and blamed the rigidity to cut ratio for the trouble, well i discovered that the tailstock on the lathe had moved slightly so it wasn’t drilling perfectly centrally, it was always trying to pull to the centre. So after adjusting the tailstock it drilled with relative ease! Oh happy days! The head styles of the original wheel spindles were quite different to each other, the front had a plain hex and the rear was a big head with 2 flats, so i made his new titanium ones matching each other. The original swinging arm spindle was stud style with a thread at either end, so i copied the original and made all the spindle nuts in the same style and proportions in 7075 alloy...

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Triumph titanium casing screws

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Just done a few titanium gearbox casing screws for a Triumph, they are BSW, BSF and BSCY threads. I’m never normally completely happy with dome head bolts when i make them as i struggle to get a really good finish on the heads, but i got the profiling tool ground nicely for these so the finish is not so bad.

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