Jaguar titanium bolts

I’ve just made some bolts to hold a Jaguar together. Although weight isn’t as much of an issue on most cars, the none corroding properties of titanium make it the ideal metal for holding important bits of cars on, particularly on the undercarriage where its subject to lots of damp nastiness.

NSU 7075 alloy wheel spindles and bits

Here’s a pair of 7075 alloy wheel spindles, bearing spacers and nuts for an NSU. They are now down at Moss’s for Surteck 650 coating. Four of the spacers are ISR calliper spacers, my customer has fitted different forks and bigger discs so the radial callipers need spacing out to accommodate this.

M8x55 titanium bolts

These M8x55 hex head bolts are for a push bike, I had a push bike once, it was called a BSA Bantam! I pushed it more than i rode it as it wasn’t very reliable. These bolts are standard 13mm A/F as they are captive on the heads so i couldn’t breath any magic onto them to make them lighter.

Yamaha R1 titanium fasteners etc…

Phew, just finished a shed load of fasteners and bits and pieces for an R1. All very fiddly. In with this lot are casing screws, oil pressure release valve (customer is getting it coated) and an unidentified piece!