Posts made in April, 2013

Titanium shock absorber adaptor

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This is for another customer with a different car. He’s fitting some super duper extra special suspension units which have a different bushing arrangement on the bottom fittings, so i’ve made these to adapt them to fit the same as the originals. There’s a load of bolts i’ve yet to make to go with these.

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Titanium 7/16 UNF bolts

Posted by on Apr 12, 2013 in News | 4 comments

I’ve been found out by car owners! I’ve got a few jobs for cars in at the moment, here’s one of them. They are 7/16 UNF and hold something on to somethings else to stop something falling off! sorry i can’t be any more specific than that, not because its secret but because its for a car, so what do i know?! The bolts run through bushes, the original bolts were quite a sloppy fit so i made a sample with a just exactly perfect shank which slid through the bushes beautifully with no discernible play, but it wouldn’t fit through the hole in the chassis! so i ended up making them to the same tollerence as the originals as it would have been a gargantuum task for my customer to ream out the holes slightly, he’d have had to pull his car in bits! So sometimes it doesn’t matter how good i can make something or how much improvement over the original i can gets things, there will be other factors that i have no control over which dictate a shoddy job! The long bolts are 101mm long, the short ones 63mm...

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Triumph Bonneville titanium spindles and engine mounting studs

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In between watching red kites do a fly by and trying to keep my cat fed i’ve made some titanium wheel spindles and engine mounting studs for a Triumph Bonneville. Feeding my cat is like stoking the Titanic, he just swallows up as much as you can shovel in! I’d post a pic of him but they haven’t invented a camera with a wide enough angle lens. But i’m sure you are more interested in these beauties! It all went well, the rear spindle is 16.93mm dia which still presents a deflection problem, but I’ve got it spot on. The customer supplied his own nuts for me to cut the threads to. Over the years i have found nuts vary greatly in their tollerence. As titanium has to be screw cut, if i’m not making the nuts as well i like to have the ones that will be fitted to cut the threads to, then i know they are just right. If I supply the nuts i make the nuts first. The front spindle has my socket cap mod, this ones 17mm A/F, I think they look much better flush with the fork leg and it saves some weight! The engine mounting studs are 12mm dia with 12×1.25 threads.    ...

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Buell titanium spindles and bolts

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in News | 2 comments

Just nearly finished a set of spindles and brake mounting bolts in titanium for a Buell. I would have finished but theres another set of socket cap bolts to go with this lot, they are made with just the sockets to broach in the heads, unfortunately when i started broaching them I was a bit overenthusiatic with the press and the broach exploded into smithereens on the first one! So i’m just waiting for the new one to arrive and i can finish the job. It all went swimmingly well, though to say the shaft on the rear spindle is 25mm it had a fair amount of deflection to get rid of and it took a while to get it just right, and just right it is! The original spindle had a 24mm thread on the end and a mouses ear hole through it, i made the threads 25×1.25 so i could bully a man size hole down it! its now bored 19mm throughout. Proof of the pudding is the original weighs 1035g with all its washers and nut, mine weighs 321g complete! thats a lot of pies. The original front spindle weighs 587g as opposed to mine at 167g, another fine...

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