Posts made in March, 2013

Titanium spindle set

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I’ve done a set of titanium spindles and again i’m not sure what they are for! But they are nice so i guess it doesn’t matter too much! The sprocket nuts have a 45 degree taper on the back, the originals were 13mm A/F so i’ve done these 12, just because.

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Montessa titanium spindle set

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I’ve just finished a titanium spindle set for Montessa trials bikes. The set comprises front and rear wheel spindles and swinging arm spindle including rear wheel and s/arm nuts, the front spindle screws straight into the fork leg so there is no nut for that one. Unfortunately in my rush to get it to the post office the photo’s i took of the set didn’t come out, so we’ll have to make do with the close ups of the heads! I’ve modified them from original slightly, the OEM wheel spindles were solid alloy, so i’ve drilled these titanium ones. The swinging arm shaft was steel and already drilled, but as its titanium i drill mine with a bigger hole and put finer threads on the end. Weight wise my titanium front spindle is 147g, OEM 190g. Rear spindle 147g OEM 148g and swinging arm 113g OEM 224. The biggest weight saving is in the s/arm where we’re replacing the steel one with titanium, and shoving a bigger hole up it and making the head smaller and neater, the front spindle is not bad considering the OEM is alloy and to say that there wasn’t all that much i could do to modify the rear spindle at 1g less than the OEM alloy one i’m pleased with...

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Titanium sprocket drive pins for BST wheels

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Here’s a bunch of titanium sprocket drive pins for BST wheels, they fit all dual sided BST wheels apart from KTM ones. They are available through Harwood Performance Source,, 01773 831122. Ones to fit KTM BST wheels will be coming soon. The original bolts are made to a good tollerence, they do actually appear to be made specifically for the job, so i couldn’t improve on the fit as there was nothing to play with. But of course just by the fact that mine are titanium makes them sexy little beasts, 40% lighter than the originals, and when in 10,000 years a bunch of aliens are poking around in the pile of rust that used to be your pride and joy, you can sleep easy in the knowledge that your drive pins will pop out just about as nice as the day you fitted them! So have a word with Ben at HPS, he has great attitude towards titanium components and seems to enjoy all aspects of its...

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Titanium Bolts, M10, M8 and M6

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And here’s another batch of titanium bolts i’ve done. The M6 were really hard to make, they are waisted to 5mm and over that length it was impossible to get them perfectly true, but they’re close enough.

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Ducati Desmosidici titanium sidestand bolts

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Here’s some sidestand bolts i’ve made for a Ducati Desmosidici in titanium. All very lush and spangly!

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