7075 Yamaha R1 front wheel spindle

There is a man out there who wants to try a 7075 alloy front wheel spindle in his R1! Good on yer! I’ve made it with some safety in mind, the original is bored about 16.5mm so i’ve bored this one 1/2″.

7075 alloy wheel spacers

Been making 7075 alloy wheel spacers today, and a titanium suspension bolt. believe it or not i haven’t a clue what bike they are for! I was told but have completely forgotten! I love working with 7075, i keep going on about it i know but its just so nice! not as nice as titanium though, but lots easier to […]

Suzuki Hyabusa titanium rear wheel spindles

All done and packed ready to go. These were hard to do, not complex just HARD! But they are worth it in my eyes. There is only one nut as my customer already had a titanium nut for one of them. He had to send it as a pattern to screw cut the threads to so i could get the […]

Triumph titanium gearbox mounting set

Just got the 7075 Amal Carb parts back from anodising, terrific job Moss have done.   I’ve also made the gearbox mounting and adjuster set in titanium. The adjuster was fun to do, and boy what a difference in weight! And closer detail of the adjuster:

My favourite type of customer!

Here’s a testimonial i had emailed from a customer i’ve done a lot of work for. he’s clearly barking mad and as such one of my firm favourites! I’d like to point out though that i am NOT his lover! in fact i’ve never met him in person which is a shame as i think our combined insanity would make […]

7075 alloy Amal carb parts

And there’s more! another 7075 alloy Amal carb jet holder, carb clamp bolt and some dome nuts. this holder was even more complex than the others i did, and therefore proportionately more fun to make! i had to make some simple jigs for it so i could machine both ends. they are off to the anodisers for hard anodising in […]