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Stafford show

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what a wash out! i was there on saturday and had a good day, although it was very busy i didn’t seem to talk to that many people. picked some parts up from a couple of long standing customers and handed over some parts to others, but generally had a quiet day. i didn’t even get out of the door on sunday! got up at 5 to assess the weather and decided it would be madness to even try getting back, so my apologies to anyone expecting to see me there on sunday, i was huddled round the wood burner waiting for the roof to disappear!

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BSA Goldstar steering damper knobs

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Managed to get 5 made on friday, no lunch and a late finish but I wanted to get as many done as possible as they were for the Goldie stand at Stafford show. I try to make each one different so they are individual to each bike, but as the basic dimensions are fixed i.e. height and diameter there is only so much variation you can employ, (there’s a locking device that locates in the scallops round the edge which defines the diameter and height). The recess in the middle of the head is to take a badge, the club badge fits nicely when you take the pin off the back of it!

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Ducati titanium suspension linkage sleeves

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These were tricky little fellows to get accurate, 40 x 12 x 10. ended up drilling them undersize and reaming them out then turning the od. Today i’m making some 6082 alloy steering damper knobs for BSA Rocket Goldstars ready for the show tomorrow. I’ve done a few of these now and i try to make each one slightly different so they are individual to each bike, the main dimensions are the same but i alter the number and size of the holes. Turning alloy makes a change to titanium as its almost at the other end of the spectrum of hardness, but it has its own idiocyncracies to be taken into account. I’m looking forward to...

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Carol Nash show, next weekend

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I’m in the main hall, stand 139 near the Mortons stand. I usually take a small selection of titanium, alloy and stainless parts.

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Scott stainless steel head studs, nuts and washers

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Done. I ‘m not a massive fan of stainless it has to be said. These parts did nothing to disabuse me of my prejudice! Even screw cutting the threads most of the way and then finishing them with a die hasn’t produced particularly great threads, but they should be ok.

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